[ about us ]

Research has shown that :

"Future learning rests on the basis of past learning. If your child has learned to learn and to enjoy the process, if he has sharpened his intellectual curiosity and found pleasure in using it, he will be a far different type of student in school compared to a youngster whose early learning drives have been dulled by his environment."

"Intellectual development does not proceed at a uniform rate, but at a decreasing rate. What is missed in the preschool years can be difficult or impossible to make up later on."

[ Our Approach ]

  • Innovative approaches for helping your child develop a love for science and maths.
  • Promote TOYS & PLAY as an ideal instructional tool because they are a user-friendly part of children's everyday world.
  • Creative teaching, Fun and relaxing, not directive
  • Activities based learning; Discovery-orientated.
  • Learning is contagious; Those who don't have it catch it from those who do.
  • A certificate will be presented to the child upon successful completion of the course.

[ The team ]
    Lollipops founders have graduated from well-known universities and have worked in pioneering areas of strategic change and development in the industry. Combining industrial experience with previous experience in teaching young children, we aim to provide your child with a curriculum that is practical and relates to REAL-LIFE LEARNING. All our trainers are equipped with
Lollipops teaching approach. It is our wish to provide your child a bridge to the world around him/her, through interactive, discovery-oriented learning.